Then and Now

Welcome to C/4/503

See how we looked before Vietnam, during, and after. Enjoy the tour. If you would like to add a few photo’s of yourself, email me.

John Scheller

My Father, Brother Harlan, Me and Sister Dory

Margie & my "40" Chevy

Last party before basic

Basic Training Photo

With Margie

at L.A.X. Airport

Before "Jump School"

Jump School with ????

Somewhere in the Pearl of S.E. Asia

Me and Noller

Just another HOT day

Margie and I at Hussongs' in Baja Mx.

Circa "1971"

Now Add Grandson Terace

With grandson, Terace born on

Christmas Day 2002

Lewis and I at the Veterans Day Parade

Manuel Blunt

Just a Kid

Just a Kid Again At 17 yr's

LZ English

Who Would of Guessed It.

Montana Reunion 2006
Just Fishing

Just Fishing

Just Fishing Again

I'm Just Cruz'in

Art Carr

After Jump School and going to Vietnam

Central High Lands

Art at Montana Reunion 2006

Terry Guisto


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Charles Conine

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AnDo Valley

AnDo Valley

Ken Lepore

Kenny, Tereza and family

Manny Blunt, Ken Lepore and JD Scheller

Chris Erickson

On the Hill

AnDo Valley

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Back Home

Manuel Torres

Just after Jump School

Torres and JD

A couple of real "Cherries"

Mail Call

AnDo Valley Church

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SSGT. Lewis Bremer

Bolsa Grande High School

Class of "64"

Central Highlands

Nothing New There !!!!!!!!!!!!

At Hof's Hut in Orange, Ca.

Just cruzin at Huntington Beach

Lewis and I at Veterans Day Parade

Stephen Munro

AnDo Valley

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Fred Sgmund


Ronny and Fred

Reunion in Montana

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Ronnie Lippard


Ronny Chowing Down

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Joe Allison

Jim Crockett


He's still got it

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John Graham

AnDo Valley

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Richard Esparza


Richard, Stella, Manny and Mary

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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Durwood Johnson

A couple of Cherrie's

Durwood and Torres

With Lila at Atlanta Air Port 1989

At home in Oconee Ga. 1989

Wit Gen. ?? at "The Wall" 1989

Wayne Walker

Wayne Walker

Cherry in An Khe Jungle School

Tuy Hoa

Dec. 68 with DEROS paper's in thigh pocket

Wayne with Springer pup

Wayne and Kim

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Wayne's' Four Girl's